Bow Falls, Banff, Alberta

This week I had the opportunity to travel to Banff, Alberta early in the morning so I could catch the sun just after sunrise. I wanted to get some photos of the Bow Falls on the Bow River. The day stayed clear up to around 10:00 AM .

I was shooting with mostly a Canon 7D with a 24-70 f2.8 lens. The river flow was high as the area had rain almost every day for the past week. The rain also cleared the air and prevented forest fire smoke from effecting the images.

I wanted to capture the feel of the river and the bigness of the mountains around me. I have posted a number of photos from this photos shoot on my photo web site:

I will be back to this and other sites in the Rocky Mountains later this summer to record this and other water falls and mountain scenes.


Bow River looking east


Bow Falls, Banff, Alberta

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