Barrier Lake – Low Water

In the spring of each year the authorities in Alberta and in this case the electric company of the area reduce the water levels in these mountain lakes prior to the spring run off.  The run of times in the mountains of Alberta is late June.  These photos were taken at Barrier Lake. It is a man made lake that is created by the Barrier Dam on the Kananaskis River.

In these photos the lake is down maybe 30 feet. The lowest I have seen it in my 20 odsc00884r so years in Alberta.  In the photos you can see people are enjoying the rocky beach on a warm spring day.

I have included a couple of photos of the kayakers using the water course that is down stream from the dam.  This course is new as the original course was destroyed by sever floods that occurred in the spring of 2013 and flooded Calgary as well.  The course was created with large construction equipment over a two year period.


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