Photos from Cuba


Abandoned beach home in Cuba
Abandoned beach home in Cuba. Shot with a Canon 7d (24-85 f2.8 with polarizer)

In  March of this year I travelled from Calgary to Toronto and on to Varadero, Cuba.  This was our first Caribbean holiday since 2011. We stayed in a hotel in Varadero and spent 5 of the 7 days in Varadero.  The Hotel Roc Barlovento was very good and met all of our expectations.   The beach and pools were very well looked after and enjoyable to use. We expected that the food wouldn’t be very good and we were correct.  There were ways around getting food.  At the hotel they offered 3 different reservation restaurants so we used these.  There were some very good restaurants within a few blocks that offered excellent food at a reasonable price.

We purchased a two day tour of Havana from Westjet our tour company.  It wasn’t cheep but was worth the money.  We had a great time in Havana and saw the special look and feel of Cuba.


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