Walking the Streets of Havana, Cuba

I had the chance to take a holiday to Cuba in late February of 2015.  As part of that trip I spent 2 days in the very interesting city of Havana.  The streets are in most cases very narrow with some very wide main streets that carry most of the traffic.  I was fascinated with the buildings, with almost all of them at least 50 years up to 300 years old.  The workmanship that was put into the outside of these buildings was fantastic but today many of the buildings are in need of a lot of repair.  Some have or are being repaired but there is a lot to do.  Here are a few photos that I took on the streets of Havana.

1950s Cars in Cuba
National Capital Building (El Capitolio)
National Capital Building (El Capitolio) being Refurbished.






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